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Client Testimonials

Jean M Sidor,  CMP 


I am so happy you found me! We clearly share an important value: 

A body you FEEL good in! 

These bodies that we live our lives in fortunately come with a powerful innate wisdom. Given an adequate platform of support and guidance, bodies can heal, excel and thrive. 

Three key values are woven throughout my practice: 

  • ​​​Careful listening (you are unique and important)

  • Education about Mind Body connections  (we all need coaching) 

  • Holding Space  (nonjudgmental time for processing the learning)

I am a mother of 7 incredible people, 3 eccentric dogs, and 2 mischievous cats, who all motivate and inspire me to show up every day being my best self. My Father-In-Law, Walt Sidor, inspired me to wake up and value this precious body we’ve all been given so I can be around to fully enjoy this family as it continues to grow and evolve. He gets some of the credit for this journey into wellness. 

Pre and Post Natal massage is a beloved part of my practice. Being a Mother of 7 people gives me a unique and practical sensitivity to the needs of women before, during, and after pregnancy.  

Graduating from The Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel Valley helped me build a strong foundation of anatomy, therapeutic mindset, ethics and healing modalities.  

Moshe Feldenkrais (Awareness through Movement) and Anat Baniel (Move Into Life) classes have played a tremendous role in developing my understanding and appreciation for the incredible science of the mind, breath and movement. 

Joe Dispenza’s Seminars and books Placebo Effect and  Breaking The Habit of Being You  took the practice of meditation in my life from a once in a while hobby to a daily commitment to well-being. 

All of these have inspired these last four years of practice and have resulted in 
synthesized therapeutically based deep tissue and myofascial techniques to calm 
and relax the body while respecting the energetic element to all body work.  

Let’s do the work!

Jean M Sidor, CMP 

I have been in pain forever! I have had massages, Pilates Chiropractic therapy, stretched, changed mattresses, quit jogging the hills of Monterey and still kept the tightness and pain in my hip, leg and front of the hip.

After a lovely relaxing 90min massage, Jean, hearing that I had a tight hip, hung my leg off the table into a stretch that pulled the sore muscles and firmly placed her elbow onto the tight pressure points in my hip and butt. she worked this area for no more than 15mins and unlocked my poor sore tight hip! I took ibuprofen and a hot tub last night and today my leg and hip are pain free and almost completely flexible!

If you have hip tightness that radiates up your back and down your leg, go see Jean!

Anna W.
​Monterey, CA 


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