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Deep Tissue Massage

Slow specific work for hard working bodies. Come in and experience improved range of motion and overall improved performance in all you do!

Convenient Location

Monterey is an all day hub of activity. The Monterey Studio is perfect for taking care of yourself in the midst of a busy day. Emerge from your session moving better in your body and feeling like your best self!

Relax. Rejuvinate.


Hot Stone Massage

Using  Synergy Stones to apply firm, solid pressure with heat  in smooth, long gliding strokes over the body creating a deeply relaxing experience! This massage will spoil you for anything else!

Prenatal Massage

A healthy noninvasive way to reduce stress, ease your baby-body and promote a wonderfully deep sense of well being. YOUR comfort and relaxation are MY priority!

Beautiful Surroundings

​"Brilliant Bespoke Beauty" located in Carmel just outside the Barnyard is the perfect environment to let your tension float away on the ocean breeze. You will leave here knowing you've done something excellent for yourself!

Custom Treatment

​You are unique and important! Our time together is all about YOU and the body you live in all day every day. You will leave your session feeling you were  listened to and knowing  you were heard!